Judson Middle School Athletics


Meet #2 JISD Feeders Meet


Coach Rodriguez | 4/15/2024

This past Friday all of the JISD Middle Schools met at Rutledge Stadium to put on a show.

Our Lady Jaguar Track Teams ended with a 1st Place Finish for both grade levels.

It was nice to see some old faces helping and cheering on our fellow Jaguars.

Special shout outs to the following Jaguars!

1st Place 100M Dash- J. Cunningham, 7th Grade
1st Place 200M Dash- A.Dalmyda, 8th Grade
1st Place 400M Run- B.Teamer, 8th Grade
1st Place 800M Run- B. Roman, 8th Grade &K. Fossler, 7th Grade
1st Place 1600M Run- K. Fossler, 7th Grade
1st Place 2400M Run- P.Quinones, 7th Grade
1st Place 4x400M Relay- Gunter, Morn, Teamer,Roman (8th Grade)
1st Place 4x400M Relay- Aquino, Barnes, Ramos, Bailey (7th Grade)
1st Place 300M Hurdles- M.Moore, 7th Grade & N.Lovelock, 8th Grade
1st Place Shot- D.Bosier, 8th Grade
1st Place Discuss- D.Bosier, 8th grade
1st Place Pole Vault- S. Rodriguez-Torres, 8th Grade & K. Fossler, 7th Grade
1st Place Long Jump- B. Teamer, 8th Grade BROKE SCHOOL RECORD!!!!!

2nd Place 100M Dash- A. Dalmyda, 8th Grade
2nd Place 400M Run- S.Morn, 8th Grade
2nd Place 400M Run- L. Bailey, 7th Grade
2nd Place 1600M Run- J. Grantham, 8th Grade
2nd Place 2400M Run- S.Bostick, 7th Grade
2nd Place 100M Hurdles- L.Ellin-Vargas, 7th Grade & A.Onwuchekwa, 8th Grade
2nd Place Shot- S.Anderson, 7th Grade
2nd Place Discuss- D. Sanchez, 8th Grade
2nd Place Long Jump- J. Cunningham, 7th Grade & N.Sullivan, 8th Grade
2nd Place Triple Jump- J.Cunningham, 7th Grade & B. Teamer, 8th Grade

3rd Place 200M Dash- N.Sulliavan, 8th Grade
3rd Place 400M Run- K. Fossler,7th Grade
3rd Place 800M Run- A. Ramos, 7th Grade
3rd Place 1600M Run- S. Bostick, 7th Grade
3rd Place 2400M Run- R. Morales, 8th Grade
3rd Place 100M Hurdles- A.Barnes, 7th Grade
3rd Place Shot- L. Ellin-Vargas, 7th Grade & D.Sanchez, 8th Grade
3rd Place Discuss- L.Dillion, 7th Grade & S.Falk, 8th grade
3rd Place High Jump- N.Lovelock, 8th Grade

4th Place 100M Dash- A. King, 7th Grade, & N. Sullivan, 8th Grade
4th Place 200M Dash- A.King, 7th Grade
4th Place 800M Run- N.Bishop, 7th Grade
4th Place 1600M Run- P. Quinones, 7th Grade & S.Hernandez, 8th Grade
4th Place 300M Hurdles- A.Barnes, 7th Grade & A.Onwuchekwa, 8th Grade
4th Place Discuss- S. Anderson, 7th Grade
4th Place High Jump- M.Moore, 7th Grade